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Now Finance

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  • Author: Shagun Sharma
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  • Date: June 16, 2023
Case Study


We embarked on a comprehensive journey to create a distinctive and memorable identity that would resonate with our target audience. We started by conducting extensive market research and competitor analysis to identify our unique value propositions.

Build Your Project


We began by meticulously gathering the client's requirements and objectives, ensuring a clear understanding of their expectations. Our primary goal was to develop a prototype that not only met these requirements but also exceeded them, all while staying within the defined scope and budget.

Through a combination of wireframing, mock-ups, and iterative design processes, we crafted an interactive prototype that vividly showcased the project's key features and functionalities. We prioritized user experience, responsiveness, and ease of navigation to ensure the prototype was user-friendly and aligned with the client's goals.

Overview of Project

Now Finance is an innovative project that addresses a critical need within the medical sector by offering specialized financial solutions. This website serves as a pivotal platform, facilitating access to essential financial resources for healthcare professionals and organizations.

Our Approaches

For desktop users, we ensure that the website's layout is designed for optimal visual impact and ease of navigation, allowing users to explore our content and services seamlessly.

Mobile Viewport

On the mobile front, we adopt a responsive design strategy, prioritizing functionality and clarity in a compact form. Our approach recognizes the diverse ways users engage with our content, whether from a desktop workstation or a handheld device.

Strategies we used

We begin by thoroughly understanding the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring a tailored solution. Clear communication and collaboration serve as our cornerstone, as we maintain open channels throughout the project lifecycle.

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  • Multiple projects demands meticulous planning
  • Decision-making and project direction
  • Dynamic thinking and adaptability
  • Tackling technical hurdles
  • Team efficiency and highlights

Final View of Project

We proudly showcase the comprehensive website, demonstrating that all desired features, functionalities, and design elements have been meticulously integrated. We invite you to explore the final view of our website, where you'll witness the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality.