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Latest Work.

Latest work



The ultimate goal of our Dental Implant Center Specialists is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your periodontal procedure. We are here to listen to your concerns and to help provide solutions leading to better oral health.

“Outstanding Patient Satisfaction and Excellent Customer Service” is our motto.

They say there is one way you can communicate in every language and that is with your smile. A smile says hello, it says you’re happy and it shows compassion to the world. And that’s what we do best, to improve and enhance your smile.


Grip Block

GRIPBlock™ is a NEW Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) block that boasts all the benefits of traditional CLT – lightweight, strong, renewable – enhanced with GRIPMetal’s patented mechanical attachment technology that makes it faster and easier to build structures than ever before.

Similar to CLT and concrete, GRIPBlock™ is a single block that can be placed precisely like a children’s building brick.



Cameras are everywhere. They watch our world pass by like silent, unblinking, witnesses.

Imagine being able to harness the camera’s real-time insights, and use them to their full potential?

With no new equipment required, our solution is both effective and affordable, enabling us to satisfy a wide range of demands for the hospitality, retail, food-service, and other major industrial sectors.

We're a passionate bunch working from all over the world to build the future of video intelligence. We have partnered with the best, all the while working with the best and building for the best.


NUCAP Energy

NUCAP Industries Inc. is a global innovation company headquartered in Toronto. Since 1994, NUCAP has been a leader in brake safety, having developed braking solutions with the world’s top brands in more than 90 countries.

NUCAP revolutionized the brake pad market by developing and introducing NUCAP Retention System (NRS) galvanized brake pads. The game-changing brake pads are built with award-winning NRS technology; the awarding judges noted that “NRS is a compelling example of an innovative solution to an unsatisfactory but accepted process in the automotive industry”.



We are a team of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that had a similar problem, we had difficulty in getting quality graphic designs while saving money on a tight budget. For years, we noticed how our competitors always seemed to find ways to constantly update their branding and marketing materials, while we were stuck wasting way too much time going back and forth with multiple designers. We created GraphicsZoo out of our collective frustration and desire to help fill a need, the need for great quality creatives without having to risk and spend thousands of dollars. After extensive research and planning into what works best, GraphicsZoo was born.


What do we offer ?

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Machine Learning/AI

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Solution & ERP Design

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UI/UX Development

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Data Visualization

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IOT & Cloud Services

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Custom Software Development

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E-commerce Development


Digital Sectors we indulged with

Banking & Finance
Travel & Hospitality
Media & Entertainment
Real Estate
Technical Services

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Why us ?

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Fast service

We are committed to completing projects as quickly and accurately as possible.

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We offer the greatest service at a price that is reasonable.

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Company globalization

Our main goal is to support the growth of your business.




testimonails-cards-img All the requirements of the task given have been accomplished successfully and within the expected timeframe. Dev showed goodwill in taking the task and finalizing it as promised. testimonails-cards-img

Prog Nauts


testimonails-cards-img Punctual work and clear communication. Very well and professional in work, good skills to resolve every minor problem. Good working with you and looking forward to working again with you. testimonails-cards-img

Mario Reyes


testimonails-cards-img Great to work with, helped us move much faster, very knowledgeable around creating programs for Mac. Did everything I asked. I decided to take the project in a different direction. Thank you testimonails-cards-img

Jack Ellis


testimonails-cards-img We had a very good communication and working. Developer was very patient, and a good listener. He explained things in very understanding method. We received the project on time, we will assign new projects soon. Good Python developer, recommended for short and long term projects. testimonails-cards-img



testimonails-cards-img I liked working with this Freelancer. He is honest, reliable, and friendly. Mostly I liked his expertise and the way that he considered my comments and critiques very positively. Although the project was relatively complex, he managed to do it well and with the great performance. He constantly was providing feedback on the milestones. testimonails-cards-img

Baraka Maiseli


Our solution

Your brand requires a strategy to expand. Web marketing is a modern and simple technique to expand your organization and might be a solution to the issue. You won't find better web marketing services anywhere else than what Aviox Technologies provides to help your company reach new heights.

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We inspire
million dollar ideas


Global Reach

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Targeted Ideal Audience

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Increased Brand Allegiance

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Enhanced Conversion Rates

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Traceable Results

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Brands We Built

Brand Aero
Brand BC
Brand Pfizer
Brand Simform
Brand Netsmartz
Brand Trianz
Brand Xebia
Brand Accubtis
Brand Wealthzi
Brand ZS
Brand Gray Matrix
Brand App Sage
Brand Immersive
Brand Singtel
Brand Smartdata
Brand Hauler Hero


Our Partners

Partner CW
Partner ITT Digital
Partner Sharedpro
Partner Left Brain
Partner CS
Partner Northrose

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